Hey, everyone!

Hmm...Wow. I was writing the blog title and on my computer it came up as 'Blog' wasn't a word!! Hehe....made me laugh.

Anyway, Gem's back from her friend's. Her best friend, Lindsay, moved to Scotland three weeks ago, so Gem's saved up to spend a weekend with Lindsay up in Scotland. She's happy because she and Lindsay were missing each other, and she's just happy to be back. Joey was well excited, she literally jumped into Gem's arms, even though Gem was holding all her stuff(three suitcases and two bags) so Gem had to drop everything. Scarlet, being the helpful five-year-old grabbed the bags and took them to Gem's room, and then jumped like a monkey to Gem. I had to prise Joey and Scarlet off Gem so I could hug her. I must admit, Gem's my best friend even though she's sixteen and I'm twelve, nearly thirteen.

Ugh, Joey's watching Disney Channel....Jessie. Luke just ate squirrel poo.....Ew. I can't believe Joey actually likes that stuff. I thought that my little sister would have more taste.

I love how Americans say 'squirrel'! It's so cool! Squrl! Instead of squirrel!

And thats the end of my random blog post! More posts to come!